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Shiori Erde
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I love Anime, Japanese Culture and BJDs xD


Fundoshi no hi by ShioriErde
Fundoshi no hi
In order to promote the wearing of Fundoshis (Loincloths) in japan, the Japanese Fundoshi Association has declared 14th February Fundoshi day. I recently found out about this and decided to do a fundoshi shoot as my backup plan if i couldnt find any doll sized chocolates but i did and was gonna scrap this idea ..... but Zetahadrian kept asking me to do the shoot .... so i did a last minute shoot earlier today... It didnt go as smoothly (memory card failures and file format errors) as i hoped it would and was initially gonna only send a special photo for Zeta.... but this shot turned out pretty well too so here it is ~

Happy Fundoshi Day ~

Tsubaki belongs to me
Valentines day Chocolate!! by ShioriErde
Valentines day Chocolate!!
"This is too much to finish on my own.... Would you like to share some with me ?"</i>


Being a model, Nozomi receives quite abit of chocolate from his co-workers and fans for Valentines...
He received too much to finish alone and is looking to share xD Such a sweetie ~
Not so Perfect by ShioriErde
Not so Perfect
Being the Heir to the Akiyama Demon clan, Haru has to attend meetings, parties and events. He has always hated social gatherings as he hates how everyone hides behind a fake smile or try to butter up to those who benefit them. Haru will often sneak away as soon as an opportunity presents itself. I guess one of the good thing about being a demon is being able to conceal your presence and sneak away from social gatherings ~

Heres a shot of the prince after he had snuck away from his birthday party by causing a scene between a Tanuki and a Succubus that were clinging onto him, leaving his poor butler to stop the cat fight and clean up the mess on his own.. >.< His only wish is for the late ruler of the Akiyama clan to come back so he can be free again....

Kinda late birthday post for Haru since i was busy with school and didnt have time for a photoshoot >.< ... I DID post something on my facebook on his birthday tho (14 January) xD Well, Harus birthday also marks another year of me being in the Hobby ~ Its my 3rd year now and ive had alot of fun! Having photoshoots with friends, dollmeets and traveling the world with my boys ~ There may be a slight drop in activity this year since im in school again but i get a break every 2 months or so, so ill try to snap some photos then. I'm also looking to get more props and outfit for the boys since i havent really bought them much in the last year >.< .... 

As for an update on the Crew .... The prince is doing pretty well. Could use more clothes but it isnt easy shopping for him since he is fussy :/ Nozomi is doing great and has the most clothes since he looks in everything (and nothing) but i guess thats why he is a model xD You probably noticed that i havent posted much on Masaru recently... thats because he is away taking care of clan matters for the prince but he is well :P The twins still need some work but are completed for the most part. Just looking for better wigs and more clothes... There has also been a new addition to my crew, but i will only get to see him when i head home for a visit in July ... So it may be awhile before Yukine makes an introduction on here ^^: ... Styling him isnt gonna be easy since ill have to do it from abroad but who knows, maybe it will work out after all.

So... Plan my plan for this year would be to expand the wardrobes of my crew!! xD They are in dire need of more clothes and props >.< .....
Birthday Wish : Tsubaki by ShioriErde
Birthday Wish : Tsubaki
"Since its my birthday today.... wont you pamper me a little ?"

31st Decemeber is the Twins' Birthday ~ Tsubaki is a few minutes older than Azusa and he never lets him forgets it xD
I had the intention to buy a cake for the 2 of them today but the bakery was closed since its New Years Eve and all so i had to change my plans for the photoshoot >.< .... Maybe i should start planning earlier next year and not jump outta bed at 2am going "OH SHIT! ITS THE TWINS BIRTHDAY TODAY!" and starts looking for the props for the photoshoot -_- ...

明けましておめでとうございます!今年もよろしくお願いします!Chitanda Bowing Icon
Happy New Years! Please take care of me this year too!
Birthday Wish : Azusa by ShioriErde
Birthday Wish : Azusa
「どうしたの、急に? え?俺の誕生日プレセント?。。。。それなら喜びます、ありがとう。」
"Whats got in to you all of the sudden? Eh ? My birthday present? ..... well in that case... thanks for the gift."


Yay! Its the twins birthday today (31st December)! Azusa is the younger one between the twins but his personality makes him seem like the older of the two xD
I had kinda forgotten that it was their birthday and did a really quick photoshoot so i could post this before the day is over >.< ... Wasnt as good as i had hoped for it to be but.... maybe next year :D

Also, since today is New Years Eve, Happy New Years everyone!! I would like to thank you guys for for the awesome 2015, and i am looking forward to having an amazing 2016 with lots more dolly photoshoots and possible an expansion of my crew :D

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