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Shiori Erde
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I love Anime, Japanese Culture and BJDs xD


Azusa ~ by ShioriErde
Azusa ~
Took this awhile ago but never really got around to posting it xD
Just noticed that i didnt have any photos of Azusa on here so i figured id post atleast one of his solo shots ~
Tsubaki is usually clinging onto him so its pretty rare to see him alone!

Azusa Belongs to me ~
Bedtime Stories : Haru by ShioriErde
Bedtime Stories : Haru
I promised i would continue the bedtime stories series awhile ago but i never got the time to do so because school took over xD .... But i've finally finished my assignments so ive decided to work on this ~

This time its Haru's turn ^^ .... He is the type to stay up all night and sleep all day so it took me awhile to come up with a story for him >.< .... I also had to wait for the shipment of some of the props too hence the REALLY LONG DELAY! (Special thanks to :iconzetahadrian: helping me obtain some of the "props"!! They arent easy to get ahold of! xD If anyone is a fan of Touken Ranbu... you will know that their merchandises sell out in a matter of hours for pre- orders >.<)

Feel free to let me know who you wish to see in the next story ~

:iconbishounenstyle: Thanks for requesting Haru! :D Im sorry it took so long *cough*6months*cough*  but here you go ^-^ I hope you enjoy it ~
Far From Home by ShioriErde
Far From Home
Nozomi seems to be feeling a little down these days ... Perhaps he is a little homesick ? I guess he misses his friends back home xD He has always been a sentimental one ...

I've recently moved half way across the world to further my studies and i brought my boys with me ~ I've been here for about 10 days now and its a little different from what im used to, but ill adapt ... eventually xD A little worried about being in a new environment with ppl ive never met before but hopefully ill make some friends ._. I will miss all the dollmeets tho!! >.< Also... My laptop kinda died when 2 days after i got here so it has to be sent in for repairs... im hoping they dont reset it back to factory settings cuz i was working on a photostory and i dont have a copy of it anymore.... Cant retake cuz i left my props (sofa, tables etc etc) back home.. ._. School starts monday, hopefully it isnt too busy so i can find time for dolly photoshoots xD Totally loving my new room and theres an awesome backyard with roses!! <3

Nozomi Belongs to me ~
Kyoudai by ShioriErde
兄弟 (Kyoudai) is Japanese for Brothers ~

Heres a shot of the twins i took at the recent meet ^-^
I've been post lots on Tsubaki recently, not because i favor him more than Azusa. I love them both the same but I still had to work a little more on him before i could take him out for photoshoots xD Well he is ALMOST done now :3 Ive trimmed and restyled his wig, tho it still needs abit more trimming, its starting to take shape now ~ Also... Got him a new pair of glasses... The previous pair was WAYYYYY too thick/plastic-y. Although the new pair isnt exactly the right colour but... it does look better than the previous pair :P

So you will be seeing Azusa alot more from now on Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1]

For those who are interested, heres a link to the older photo of the twins :D
Asahina Twins by ShioriErde
Similar yet Different by ShioriErde
Similar yet Different
"僕見たいな君、君見たいな僕 (Boku mitai na kimi, kimi mitai na boku)
似てるけど違って、違ってから似てる" (Nitteru kedo chigatte, chigatte kara nitteru)

Which translate to "For the you who looks like me and for the me who looks like you, we are the similar yet different but we are different because we are the similar."
The above are lyrics from one of my favourite songs titled "Ai kotoba" (words of love) from Shounen T. If you are interested, heres a link to it :…

Saitou, Tsubaki and Azusa are of the same sculpt but despite that, they are all different and each have their own different personalities! Although Tsubaki and Azusa are twins, they still look slightly different and their personalities are almost total opposites of each other ~ I have been meaning to get a shot of all 3 of them together and im really glad i managed to before i left Little Pixel Heart  But Kyaaa!Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1]  Bishies overload :nosebleed:

Saitou Belongs to Zetahadrian
Tsubaki and Azusa Belongs to Me

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